Sakura Stix Business Card

By appearance alone, geisha are beautifully dressed like moving pieces of art. However they are skilled in entertaining by song, dance, and most importantly conversation. Like the geisha, Sakura Stix’s stationery has more than what meets the eye.

Sakura Stix Business Card

The business card is designed to be handled the way Japanese business people treat their business cards. The card has a dual format based on Japanese etiquette with business card exchanging and allows presentation as a landscape or portrait card.

Sakura Stix Business Card 01

Because this layout was taken into consideration, presentation of either side of the card is acceptable. The overall shape of the card is based off Omamori, a Japanese good luck charm. The logo mark in color is accompanied by the fork-like shape printed in a silver foil, highlighting the consideration of the shape as an eating utensil.

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